Words work.

How to advertise and where I can help.

There’s lots of ways to advertise and a huge choice of media and marketing channels. I write great copy for them all. No I don’t specialise and no I don’t have a single house style. But like any excellent copywriter, I write copy that fits your brand, whatever the style and tone of that brand. I’ll take your raw message and turn it into a piece of communication that’s compelling and relevant. And fab.

Tell me what you want to say, and to whom, and I’ll say it in the most interesting, creative
way possible. Meanwhile, here’s a list of different marketing initiatives, communications vehicles and
advertising channels to give you some ideas.

I’m a bloody good content writer too
I’m a copywriter but I’m also a content writer – that’s the way the market has evolved – and I’m happy to write fresh, original content for you. You want new content for your website or your blog? Call me. Need a radio ad? Ring, ring.
•  Advertising
•  Ambient Advertising
•  Banner Advertising
•  Blogs
•  Branding
•  Content
•  Corporate Videos
•  Covert Advertising
•  Digital
•  Direct communications
•  Direct Mail

•  Human Directional
•  Infomercial
•  Interactive Advertising
•  Jingles
•  Livery

•  Outdoor Advertising
•  Packaging
•  Point Of Sale
•  Posters
•  Press Advertising

•  Social Media
•  Sponsorship
•  Strategies
•  Street Furniture
•  Television Advertising

•  Brand Names
•  Brochures
•  Case Studies
•  Cinema Advertising
•  Collateral
•  Electronic Direct Mail (eDM)
•  Email Marketing
•  Flyers
•  Google Adwords
•  Guerilla Advertising
•  Messages On Hold
•  Mobile Advertising
•  Text Messages
•  Newsletters
•  Online Advertising
•  Print
•  Product Placement
•  Radio Advertising
•  Sales Letters
•  Search Engine Optimisation
•  Tweets
•  Viral Marketing
•  Videos
•  Websites
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