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the ads.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy:



Radio is one of my favourite media and I have included a couple of jingles, some humour and some straight scripts. See what you think...



Press, for me, is the next step up from radio. Here you can use imagery to attract your target but whereas radio is one ad at a time, press needs to compete with everything else on the page at the same time. Some of these ads go back a bit, but as treatments are still valid.



This is probably the first thing I get asked to look at. Thankfully, there’s a lot I can do to make your website work harder.



Outdoor is a very popular medium in Ireland - Most art directors love it.



I get a lot of brochure work - from annual reports to flyers, corporate brochures to full product suites...


Direct Mail

I enjoy working on direct mail because it’s so competitive.



There are a lot of different treatments to liven up newsletters. From the serious to the cheerful, rewrites to project management, I can handle it all...



TV jobs are always a little thin on the ground but here are some sample scripts just to prove I can do them.



Branding exercises are becoming an earlier and earlier part of new product development. I am frequently approached very early on in the process so that a name and identity can be in place as the product goes to prelaunch consumer testing.



I’ll take care of your Twitter tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn posts (and all interaction with your customers). Here’s some examples of me doing just that.

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