No, its

not free.

I just wanted to make that clear from the beginning.


I’m not expensive. I’m not cheap. But what I am is excellent value for money.


Every job is different so while I can’t publish a price list I can tell you that I’m cheaper than getting an engineer out to clean up your hard drive. But slightly more expensive than a plumber.


The quickest way to get a price for your job is to email me at or call me on 087 2517 306 or

try the desk on 0404 20498.


If you're a regular customer, you will already have set, flat rates for every job.


If you're new, then an hourly rate will apply.


If the job involves production or use of art directors, recording studios, etc, they will be charged on with the usual, reasonable, agency mark-up of 17%.


Please check out my Terms & Conditions as sometimes people are surprised to discover I don’t work for free.



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